Everybody knows what the determining factors are in children health. It is really just the specific details which are not well understood in the community. This website sets out to clear the major misunderstandings and attach a value to the practices and substances which are commonly connected with raising a child. Preferably a healthy child.

We will cover the causes of obesity in children and the causes of obesity in adults. Well of course they are almost the same! It is not only the appearance at childhood but the level of real health as well because the expanding sideways component can come at any age. The formative years are critical to the health and longevity of the person anyway. The basic foods up until 1950 gave the current older generation a good start and most of their disease came about after the 50’s. The growth in life expectancy figures has mostly come about through the advances in infant mortality prevention and plague control which has lifted the averages. But this current generation of children is statistically the first which will have a shorter life span than their preceding generation. Do not worry about it! Do something about it!.

Through our full range of websites we will attempt to provide free natural health information for every situation. Nutrition, exercise, healing, relationships and community programs. And the plan is to open budget health retreats from the early months of 2016. We cannot do it alone but only need a little help occasionally. So join, comment and thrive then let us know we have helped and how we can help even more.

These kids are very active but active is fuelled by glucose coming from sugar while the underlying danger is that the sugar will at the same time be doing damage. Children is where it all starts. Almost every disease and condition starts at childhood in modern society with the existing lifestyle and environmental poisons.