Diet Works

Diet works used to be the scenario when foods were nutritious but today most diets do not work! The problem is of course that most weight gain is related to the hormonal glands through a long chain of nutritional disasters affecting the gut, the autoimmune system and then the hormones. So a disease is created by just living the way the media suggests. But it now is a disease and not just a fact of having consumed more than ones fair share of the tucker.

So as you can imaging the disease itself needs to be reversed because it damages the organs and glands so they lose their efficiency. Fortunately in the reversal process, which is discussed in the coming pages, the nutritional methods used are applicable to increased functionality of all the organs and glands. At this stage it is important again to mention the differences in people and their metabolic makeup. So if something that works for your friend does not work for you then just tweak the formula a little and try it then reverse the path if that does not work. But the general principles of a good diet will get everyone a result.

Fad diets and processed food diets have a place in this system but some are designed that you stay on them forever, Others are very expensive and many do not give you the best nutrition to avoid disease and injury. The key to this part of health is the autoimmune system and it of course responds best to consumption of raw natural foods with vitamins and minerals in their natural form.

So we will touch on a few diets here over the next months, but for now the concentration here is on children and for this purpose it is best to analyse the health conditions of the family. In this website you will find lists of foods which are known to cause weight gain through providing low nutrition. So eliminating even one of these foods from the family diet will often give everyone in the family a health boost. If the family is treated then the avoided foods are not purchased and so are replaced with the foods which will make everybody feel better and stronger. So it is more of a habit change than a diet. For example the statistics show somewhere around a forty teaspoon a day average consumption of sugar for each American person. Now this is obviously destructive. And as you noticed sugar was first on the list of body destroying substances. But we do want to make it as easy as possible for the problems to be solved so that everybody has the opportunity to get off the extra weight and get back to health.

So just a final word on this page. This is the first time in maybe a couple of hundred years where the present generation of children will live a shorter lifespan than their parents. Official statistic unfortunately! Now everybody well almost everybody welcomes the news of a new arrival. Then the growing child destroys the house and everything in it but we, the parents just totally love them. So why let them grow up sick and fact is the percentages and statistics are stacked against the overweight. They get more than their fair share of disease and at a younger age. Your child should have clear skin, bright eyes, high attention and learning capacity as well as being active to indicate a satisfactory health level.

When you study natural health for 20 years or more you realise that all these little seemingly unimportant factors can indicate problems to come. Get your children back to health and keep them there.