Not Just In Weight


In America there are around 100 functional doctors who run regular online business. They have mostly become very sick even during their University years and intern training, some to the point of not being able to work at all!! Just like the bookmakers shoes you might say!! but no they tried everything in the medical books and also consulted many other doctors. They were forced to research alternative methods as a last resort. And lo and behold they are now all in good or peak condition. Certainly well enough to run their business and so they have become what they now call functional doctors! That is right the opposite term is malfunction! This means they get results. If you need a list we are happy to provide that so just contact us! The importance of this story is what they also found out on the way to restoring their own health.

These doctors found out that there are many diseases caused by poor nutrition. The propensity to gain weight is just the tip of the iceberg! Many of them found out that a healthy gut is a healthy mind! So many of the behavioural problems in children are caused by chains of events in the body such as. Leaky gut syndrome (rarely diagnosed) can lead to autoimmune reactions and overreactions. The autoimmune already gets hammered regularly by antibiotics then gets worse. The thyroid follows which through the hormones can cause chronic fatigue, skin outbreaks, hair loss, many girls and ladies reproductive organ problems and weight gain. Then at the top is the effect on the brain. Autism, ADD, ADHD and so on although they are reluctant to connect Aspergers and Schizophrenia.

These doctors also found out that these conditions could be reversed by adopting a sensible diet. Well what we call sensible anyway. A little basic logic and turn our thoughts back 115 years there were around 200 ailments and only a small percentage of the sicknesses except where they had plagues. A much larger proportion of farmers and people living in the country. So food was what they picked or dug or hunted. There was almost no processed food or junk food and sweets were a treat that some received once a week. Oats for porridge! Salad from the garden and a little meat with potato and green vegetables. Almost no autism, diabetes or cancer! So one theory is if you do not eat anything which you could not have eaten back then, there is a great chance of restoring health and the correct body weight.