There Is A Way!


Well we have hinted about the path to follow and at the risk of boring everybody to tears we would like to reaffirm the importance of children being healthy through their childhood and teens. It seems that rectifying an imbalanced health after 21 is a massive mission as we have seen it thousands of times. We do have a website for the teens which is and that is part of a series we are building for teens to communicate with other teens around the world. It is purely a communication platform with an overtone of natural health information. So the teens are covered and then we have similar sites for the adults of this world, which you will learn about as time goes by. So that leaves the parents of this world to worry about the children.

Now many children are healthy and happy, In this case vigilance is still essential because those children can get into bad habits and that strong platform we are trying to build for their future health and wellbeing can become deflated, It is fortunate that the human body is so strong compared to any other species. When researchers feed rats and mice or even cats with the food that the average American eats, they become sick and infertile within a couple of years and only three generations. I saw a pedigreed dog whose proud owners told me how their dog got the best of everything but was covered in sores and tumours. The dog was fed a share of the food they ate!!. How cruel? But they thought they were doing the best thing for the dog!!

So the average child fed on a very poor diet can still get to ten or twelve before anybody notices they have sickness. Then some come from more robust parents so they go even longer. So sickness and weight gain are commonly found in the same groups. Another important point is that there needs to be a very big difference between a maintenance diet and the one required to restore health after it has been lost. So if you look at the average family it is possible to have one or two children who are rock solid and also one or two who seem to always be sick. There are many reasons for this which would take weeks to explain fully. If you read the causes list on the last page that will give some insight. If one child is sickly and needs to have a highly nutritious diet it is almost impossible to feed them salad while all the others have Pizza followed by cake and cream.

So the best way is to feed the family a very healthy diet for a month or two and then you can revert back to the old ways or part way there. As you do this the less healthy ones will catch up. There are all sorts of variations to this but as nature would have it there are also a few natural treatments which can speed their progress.

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